Fashion That’s GOOD

Over the last year, I have become an advocate for buying clothing and accessories that provide dignity for the men and women who make them.

This takes many forms.  Fair Trade.  Shopping Local. Second Hand.

Here are some of my favorite brands.  Show them some love on Instagram, Facebook, and by ordering.  They are fighting a good fight.

  1. Trades of Hope– A missional DS business committed to fighting trafficking, sweatshops, and slums through fair trade in 16 different countries, including the USA.
  2. Sseko– A company that started making sandals to send girls to college, and has become the head-to-toe DS company making a difference in the lives of girls in Uganda.
  3. Elegantees– A woman’s clothing company whose dream is that girls in Nepal will no longer be viewed as a commodity.
  4. Symbology– It was born with the goal of making fair trade sexy and has been picked up by Belk in several stores around the South (Including the Belk at the Summit in Birmingham, AL). It’s perfect for the special occasion in your life.  
  5. June & Jonesy– A new start-up girls clothing brand started right here in Harpersville, AL.  From the print design to sewing, everything is locally sourced and absolutely charming.
  6. Jessica Rey– Modest swimwear with a focus on all things ethical.  This line is charming, and Jessica is even teaming up with Sseko for a few designs.



This list will continue to grow, but I am going to be cautious of sharing companies that I have tried first hand. I want you to know that if I suggest them, it is because I love them for their mission AND their products.