Sales Gimmick


Warning ahead: I found a new clothing company to support.

The shirts look nice.  The mission is admirable.  But my favorite part is that it is more than a sales gimmick.

Let me explain.  Two Blind Brothers have created a line of clothes with a braille tag and soft textured clothes where all the profits go to research for finding a cure for visual impairments.  I would invite you to read or watch their encouraging story here.


Donating profits is not a new concept.  If you are like me, you automatically think about the great tax breaks afforded to companies for donating which can be a little too self-serving for my taste.

Now, I believe they are passionate about finding cure.  As men with visual impairments, they have a vested interest in it.

But they have gone one step farther, and my heart swells with adoration.

You see, recently, they moved their sewing center to the Dallas Lighthouse for the blind.  Every shirt made is directly touched by someone fighting for a chance to see.

Research is good, but partnering with those affected by the very thing we are rallying against is paramount.  Jesus asked us to love one another.  Consider one another.

And when we can extend a hand up to those waiting for a cure, we are being the hands and feet of Jesus.

I have a pet peeve regarding products with Christian sayings.  They are on shirts, jewelry, and every piece of home décor around.  But what would Jesus think about a shirt that “loves one another” and yet is made in a sweatshop in China or Guatemala where people are struggling to survive?  It sounds too much like the money changers in the temple to me.

But Two Blind Brothers is doing something different.  They aren’t using sales gimmicks to make money.  They aren’t being generous to get on The Ellen Show (although that did happen).

They are partnering with the men and women they are fighting for, and it is glorious.  I pray they help find a cure.  I was going to pray that they make a big difference in the world, but by including and encouraging others with visual impairments, they already have.

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