Fair Trade Sales

Everyone loves a good sale.  And Trades of Hope has an amazing 50% off one going on right now. But if Ethical Fashion is about treating workers fairly and with dignity, doesn’t a sale hurt them?

I’m thankful that the answer is a resounding NO.

At Trades of Hope, all 13,000+ artisans are paid upfront for their products.  So when our company holds a sale, the only people who lose money is the company.  This might raise the question of why we do it then?  Well, when product is purchased and moved out of the warehouse, we are able to buy more items from the artisan groups.  And when more products are purchased, the women’s jobs are more secure.  And like most fair trade companies, our first priority is the people behind the product.

So while sales are not sustainable long-term for any company, they are a temporary blessing to everyone involved: the consumer, the label, AND the artisans.

So let’s go shopping and change the world!


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  1. Lovely sale! At least the money going towards the sale is actual being used to help the artisans which is fantastic! Have you seen http://www.compareethics.com, they’ve got some really nice brands on there you might want to check out


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