Gray Hair & Jesus


I have been finding more and more gray hair.  I’m a long ways from solid silver, but with black hair, it pops.

But everyday, I notice something else, too– five year old eyes and ears learning from everything I say and do.

This topic hits me hard because I want her to know that Jesus made her perfect.  If He wanted her to have orange eyes and green skin, He could have done it.  But she is unique because of His purpose and delight.  Everyone is.  And therefore, being content with who we are and affirming the differences in others is important.

But how do I teach that if I am constantly trying to change myself?

Hair color may not seem like an important issue, and Jesus probably doesn’t mind if we temporarily change it. But if our appearance is a constant focus, our little girls will pick up on that.

Just last week, I went swimming with some friends at a private pool.  We were the only two families there. And yet the mother wouldn’t get in because “me and a bathing suit don’t get a long.”  Her daughters weren’t asking her to put on a string bikini; she could have worn a t-shirt and leggings.  And the part that struck me the hardest is that she is much smaller than I am (I’d guess between a size 6-8).

Yet discontentment for a body that birthed 2 sweet girls kept her from enjoying time with them in a pool.

Does my gray hair matter to Jesus?  Does He care if we go swimming? Probably not, but He does care about what we teach our children.

And I’m afraid that too often we teach them to who we are isn’t good enough.  June Pool (1)



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  1. This is convicting. I started finding gray hair in college and it’s made me self conscious and definitely too focused on my appearance.


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