Teachable Moments


Many days, my to-do list is a complete flop because the day has actually been spent finding those teachable moments.

Today I had the chance to show my children how to consider one another, and I almost missed it.  And it all centered around my phone.

You see, we were hanging out at the Huddle House, waiting for our car to get serviced.  I had a big booth in the corner so my kids could spread out, keep plates away from grabby baby hands, and stay out of the way from most of the restaurant traffic.

But while I was chatting on the phone to my husband, what I didn’t see right away was a family of six try to sit down at the table next to us.  The oldest boy was sitting at a booth by himself because the table for four was too small.

The family was almost situated when I finally looked up.

We had already ordered, but that didn’t even cross my mind when I asked the mother if they would like to switch tables.  She looked surprised but grateful. My kids didn’t ask any questions, they just did what they were told when I asked them to grab their drinks and move.   But when we got to our new table, I made sure to practice our counting skills and talk about how the bigger family needed the bigger table.

But more importantly, I made sure to talk about being kind.

Considering one another can happen anywhere.  But it doesn’t happen if we are only focused on our own situation.

I don’t know if my kids will ever remember the time their mom made them swap tables for a family.  But it was a great reminder to myself that it is never too late to do the right thing.

And I need to put my phone down.

Do you have a teachable moment story?  Have you ever missed the chance to do something kind and it haunts you?  I would love to hear it.

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