Mother’s Day Made in China

I believe in slow fashion.  Turning a blind eye to slavery or sweatshops is something I can’t do anymore.  It is a passion of mine that isn’t going away.

But it isn’t my only passion.

You see, yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I got three wonderful gifts.

  • The first was a drape cardigan (made in China) because my MIL knows how much I love my multiway shawl from Sseko.
  • The second was a beautiful necklace and earring set (made in China) from my daughter.  After she gave it to me, she quickly asked “Is it like your Trades of Hope jewelry that you love?”
  • The third was a storage basket (made in China) from my boy because I like to fold laundry. <<insert confused look here>>

So, it might be obvious that my family doesn’t understand my love of fair trade.  And that is ok.  It took me 33 years to get to point where I saw the value in giving others dignity through jobs.  Can I really expect my 5 and 3 year old to understand the importance of the issue?

So yesterday, I adorned myself in all my goodies and hugged my babies tight. We laughed, snuggled, and enjoyed the day together.  Does that mean I forgot the children and women world-wide struggling in forced labor or sweatshops?  Absolutely not.  But, like you, I am more than a fair trade advocate.

My passion includes loving my family, whether they understand me or not.

My passion includes considering one another, whether our values are the same or not.

My passion includes educating others, whether that takes days or years.

Do you have an aspect of your life that others don’t understand?  If so, I encourage you to love them anyways.  And try to remember that we all grow in different directions and at different speeds.

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