Busy Mothers

Are weekends in the spring just filled with busyness?

Yesterday I taught students in China online, watched my son’s first soccer game, and hosted a Sseko pop-up in a fair trade store downtown.  And all that happened by 1pm.

This may seem like a strange topic for Mother’s Day, but for the last two years, all I have requested on this day of celebration is a NAP.

My husband said he was going to get a grandparent to watch the kids this year.  We were going to have a steak dinner at home and rent a movie.  Even the heavenly angels rejoiced at that idea.

If only.

If only, his uncle wouldn’t have generously offered to cook dinner in celebration of all the mothers in the family.  So, instead of a nice quiet evening with my husband, we are attending a family hoopla.

So why not just say no?

Well, I have my list of reasons.  You have your list of reasons, too.  But in honor of Mother’s Day, I can’t help but think of my own childhood.

I remember my mother working and volunteering, and I remember family meals fondly.

But I don’t remember my mom being upset at all the activities.  Maybe that is because she understood that these years in the trenches is fleeting but so important.

  • First soccer games only happen once, and if getting up at 3am to work and pay for it is our only option, then so be it.
  • Fair Trade is about changing lives, and little kids around the world matter as much as my own children.
  • Family members will one day pass from this world, leaving a big hole and only memories at the dinner table.

So for Mother’s Day, I am going to consider the example set years before by my own mother and forget about being busy.

Being busy is not the enemy.  Being grumpy about it is.

May you be encouraged this Mother’s Day to focus on the important things in life and do them with joy.

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