3 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day brings out the best of intentions and the worst in my follow-through.

This is partly because May is busier than December, especially if you have kids in school or are a teacher. And the other part is because I just don’t have my act together these days.  #hotmess

So here are a few of my favorite simple, but meaningful go-to gifts.

  1. Words.   Words are powerful and can last a lifetime.  Often writing a simple letter is the best gift for a mother or any woman because we keep that stuff.   Does anyone else have letters from their husband, sister, mother, kids, etc… stashed all over the house?This  year, for my own mother, I am taking one of those letter and turning it into a wall sign I hope she will love.  You see, my grandmother passed away two years ago and has left a small hole in all of us.  Fifteen years ago when I was in college, she would always write me letters and send me little snacks.  I kept a few and found one with the words “Thinking of you all the time and miss you. lot of love, Grandma.”  I have blown up the words “lot of love” and have painted them on a simple wood plank.  The project cost me nothing and took very little time.  But I know it will hang on my mother’s wall forever.
  2. Gift cards.  Say what?  There is no way a gift card is meaningful… unless we are talking about Sseko.   Did you know you can custom design sandals?  And on top of that, each pair helps send a girl to college and provide honorable and fair trade jobs to women in Uganda.   It’s like the adult version of build-a-bear. And your mom will love having a completely unique gift that has helped others.
  3. Vacation.  Wait, I should say louder.  VACATION!   But don’t think cliché like beach or mountains.  Sometimes the best vacations are right around the corner.  For me, Pursell Farms is a favorite.  This little spa and golf resort is tucked away in Sylacauga, Alabama.  The 30 minute drive and relaxing environment is perfect for a busy mom who just wants a day to relax.  It’s the perfect way to say thank you for all your hard work throughout the year. Are there any hidden gems near you?FarmLinks-17

What do you plan to get your mother this year?

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