Minimalist Fair Trade Advocate

Before joining Trades of Hope, I owned five pieces of jewelry. I bought a new purse every five years…and they were cheap and plain.

Now I work with two amazing fair trade companies that both release new items every couple of months (both having new summer products coming today…eek).

So how do I reconcile going from 5 pieces of jewelry in 30 years to 30 new pieces in 5 months? It’s not easy.

But fair trade isn’t about guilt. Do we need 30 new pieces just because they help others. NO!

So here are some of my budget-friendly tips.

1. Plan to splurge on one or two items during each new release. I’m going with the Confidence Earrings from Trades of Hope made in Haiti.

And for Sseko, I’m after the amazing Shift Dress in Poppy for a swimsuit cover.

2. Buy for friends or family. Buy for the neighbor who just lost their dog. Buy for the girl graduating and venturing into a big world soon. Supporting artisans around the world doesn’t mean your jewelry drawer has to overflow.

3. Share pictures on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. Just because you don’t need anything right now, doesn’t mean one of your followers aren’t looking. You could introduce your friends to a whole new world of ethical fashion.

Do you have any tips for supporting fair trade on a budget?

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